Do You Like Bakpao? Would You Like To Cheer Up Your Stomach By Started To Cooking It Right Now?

Kuliner Khas —Minggu, 25 Jul 2021 16:17
Do You Like Bakpao? Would You Like To Cheer Up Your Stomach By Started To Cooking It Right Now?


Having a breakfast in the morning is always a good idea to do before jumping and rushing to the abundant activities in a complete package of day in one time. By having a breakfast, we will be more focus and feels energetic or enthusiastic to do any other jobs afterwards. But however, in order preparing what kind of stuff to eat for the breakfast itself is often makes some people confused in the morning. Besides the timing that mostly being a reason to cannot be well–prepared for it, the other stuffs are also being a huge pretext, still.

Hmm, but hei, did you know that you can make a simple yet delicious food named bakpao to fill up your stomach and be ready to feels energetic afterwards?

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Yash! Bakpao itself is kind of Chinese traditional food that have been being anyone’s food on this earth. Hmm, how come? Perhaps, it is better for you know the history of how can this kind of Chinese traditional food become famous worldwide, including in Indonesia citizen’s thought.

Well ya, bakpao is a food or here you can name it as a simple cake that came from China, and made of of plain flour and yeast that makes it could getting more swell or well–bloomed. And then the content of the bakpao itself that are unique which you commonly could find such as meat, chocolate bar, any kind jam that made from fruits (usually could find it in type of homemade bakpao), and many more. Bakpao is kind of food that cooked by steaming it above of iron or something like aluminum plate upon a steamed water. While, have you known too that in China actually bakpao is known as baozi.

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In Indonesia itself, bakpao is getting more renowned by children to adults that never stop buying, consuming, and munching it. Though in the past, we usually find that bakpao made with its various fillings such as meat, mung beans, and red beans, but today as time flies, the recipe in making this food one is so various and more interesting. Well you can now find other fillings that never lose for the taste to be remembered, such as: barbeque duck, tiramisu, purple potato, taro, and even like black pepper shrimp flavor. Hmm, have your tongue getting ready to taste it even by now? Hihii

Although the shape of the bakpao itself is not quite big, but however it is enough to save your stomach when it is getting hungry, haha! And the bakpao itself is time by time gets more attention publicly by the kind of shape and its colors that more various, which is today you can find that the size of bakpao is not as same as the bakpao in the past, and today it is not just kind of round or standard round, but also made to be shaped as animals, even more beautiful like rose!

Well pardon me, are not you feel hungry then after reading this article?

By: Dyah Purbo Arum Larasati

Editor: Lila

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