A Good Recipe To Make a Fresh–Milky Crazy Watermelon Ice In Order To Vanish Your Thirst

Kuliner Khas —Minggu, 25 Jul 2021 16:30
A Good Recipe To Make a Fresh–Milky Crazy Watermelon Ice In Order To Vanish Your Thirst


What will you choose when you are in the hot weather, typing a pile of piece of papers in an off-air conditioner while in the same time you have to move those files to your computer or laptop monitor, but again your lips is getting dry, your stomach is getting hungry, and your throat has stopped letting out its voice?

Hmm ya ya, due to its delicious taste and refreshing taste, watermelon is kind of fruit that grouped as one of more favorited fruits. Not stops till those conditions, because so far we knows that this fruit also has many worthwhile materials that super needed for our body. While then, it never stop giving us the sensation of losing our thirsty especially in the condition when the weather is so hot, is that right?

However, it is worth it to save the recipe below if you would like to give some freshness in your mind even body. This kind of drink that made from watermelon could be your best choice in a bid to remove and even to recharge the mineral in your body.

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You can see anyway the materials to make this drink is so far not really tricky to find. All the materials to make this drink is very approachable, also fresh to digest by your throat. You are always welcome to combine it with the others material based your necessary in the hopes to find the fix healthy life you want. One of the recipe that today we found for you, is here, check it please:

How To Make a Fresh–Milky Crazy Watermelon Ice

1. 1/4 watermelon without its seed, cut it into some tiny little pieces
2. 600cc full cream milk
3. 150cc cocopandan syrup
4. Ice boxes (based on your desire)

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1. You can mix all the materials anyway, such as: the watermelon, the full cream milk, and also the cocopandan syrup in a quite big bowl/teapot (particularly for the only–cold drinks).

2. And then you can add some ice boxes based what you desire.

3. Now, the fresh–milky crazy watermelon ice is ready! Hmm, enjoy it while it is still cold anyway!

4. Oh ya guys, by the way you can always add some other basil (Ocimum basilicum) for making the appearance better and more interesting, likewise then you can be more enjoy when drinking it, right?

5. Some other people however, loves to turn the watermelon to be more soft, like maybe you could blend it first by a blender until it become slushy when you mix it with the other materials.

6. All you can do is basically to let your desire sink in a sensational yet refreshing this fresh–milky crazy watermelon ice. Nothing more breathtaking than this ice one today, I bet. Haha. Or perhaps, you have been devoted your appetite in any other marvelous ice type? Made by watermelon too?

7. Uh, please do not too shy to share your great recipe to other, even me. You know that this life is yet so challenging, so the type of fruit drinks such as this never indeed hurt us, right?

By: Dyah Purbo Arum Larasati

Editor: Lila

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