Self–Love Action For Today: Baking A Yummy Fudgy Brownie!

Kuliner Khas —Kamis, 29 Jul 2021 10:02
Self–Love Action For Today: Baking A Yummy Fudgy Brownie!


What if I told you that loving yourself is important? What if I told you if some things good are waiting to do? What is I told you if I loves do baking fudgy brownie?

Hmm, I am literally just kidding for the last one. I mean, it would be a good experience ever for you if you would like to try baking this kind of fudgy brownie! Because however, beside the chocolate bar that become one of the sweet ingredients within this recipe, the other things which is the process of how to make it will be enough relieving to be felt if you are still trying to be a patient human being. Haha, literally once again I am just kidding.

So good people, today I thought the sun is quite brightly shining on our head. Here in my house, you can feel the warmth quiet strong. Nevertheless, the sweet fudgy brownie never hurts you as like your ex–boyfriend did towards you. Pardon me, it is very crucial thing for you, but yeah, we can talk it together after the process of baking this brownie one finished.

Well, now, we can observe and trying to prepare what are exactly the steps on how to make it, and yes, be enjoy to know all the size, amounts on each the ingredients, and so far to the techniques. Because, you know what is the very important in baking is not just about the amount of the sugar we take, the type of the flour we use, but the most important one is how we put our concern and focus to each one of the technique itself. You can name it like, stirring the eggs and sugar. Yes, just stirring it, not to mix it, and so on.

Yapz, before we go too far, I would like to give a credit here basically intended to show to you where I got this fudgy brownie recipe. That was exactly I found from Mrs. Nikmatul Rosidah on her Youtube channel. I got there approximately since three or four months ago.

Perhaps, if you would like to explore some other recipes, you are very welcome to check her channel, and give some comments and like to appreciate her good works.

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Hamm, excuse me. Basically I am not even intended to promote hers, guys. Hoho!

- 113 gr bar chocolate (baking chocolate)

- 113 gr butter (you can also use the unsalted butter here actually for the better end–result)

- 75 gr low flour

- 1/4 teaspoon of salt

- 25 gr cocoa powder

- 200 gr sugar

- 2 eggs

- 1 teaspoon vanilla (If you cannot find the powder vanilla one, you are very welcome to use the liquid vanilla)

- 100 gr choco chips (divide it to two parts)

- Almond/ walnuts/ oreo biscuit/ any nuts (it will be used as the decoration on the top of the fudgy brownie

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1. Firstly, please heat the oven up to 180oC.

2. Steam the chocolate bar and the butter together.

3. Let it cold for some couple minutes, while now you can prepare other steps.

4. In other bowl, you can mix the flour, cocoa powder, sand salt. Stir it evenly together.

5. Mix the eggs, sugar by just fork till the sugar itself dissolved. Then, stir this mixed egg with the previous mixed chocolate bar. You can now pour the flour and the almond into, stir evenly.

6. Pour the low flour with the almond or any nuts you have. Stir it evenly.

7. Then put it into the 8x8 cm baking pan/ tray which firstly covered by baking paper.
Spread the choco chips onto it.

8. Bake it on the oven for twenty minutes.

9. Wait a moment till it cold. Then, you can save it into the refrigerator.

10. In the next morning, cut the fudgy brownie by knife into some little pieces.

So, is it too easy, is it not it? Happy baking anyway, guys! (Dyah)

Editor: Lila

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