Being Independent By Making The Chocolatos Brownies Alone By Yourself

Kuliner Khas —Kamis, 29 Jul 2021 10:21
Being Independent By Making The Chocolatos Brownies Alone By Yourself


I know it is quite hard to know that your boyfriend has been deciding to let you go, or here is you are the one recently who have decreed to get over your both old–golden relationship. I know too, it is too challenging enough when you both still missing one each other, but in the same time you guys must accept the current situation where you cannot longer together, even all the past memories still lingering within your mind.

Uhh, how about the past time when we had ever watched a theatre, a cinema about the war of Vietnam versus United States America together, exactly on the Rostchild 33 street? What about two ice cream that we bought when the sun rose quite brighter than usual, and unexpectedly your boyfriend bribed you, and your ice–cream instead fell. But suddenly your boy–friend chose to throw his away.

Or how about the last chocolate boxes, the sweeties foods that often have by mostly people who are currently in love and struggle in any devotion, just in case they are willing to give and share it to who they love. All kind of pretty yet sweet gifts that the universe send to you all are sometimes to bitter to remember so far. But you knows, that you can make yourself proud due to the actual case: you have been standing here over all the past–long–and challenging stuff yet miserable to reminisce. You have been standing here so strong and so stiff, just in case you want to continue your better life path all by yourself now.

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It is not easy, but here I can make a promise is that you can just believe to yourself, that everything in this life just need a time to heal. It is same with your current wound within your soul, your past memories. So here good people, I would like to introduce to you another recipe that can bring you to the joy of other kind of sweeties shape.

A recipe of a chocolatos brownie that can lift up you, hug you tenderly by its softness. A recipe of a chocolate brownie that purely just wants to see you stand stronger with a happier life you just made for the sake of better future. Also it is, a recipe that may give you any much inspiration to live peacefully with its offering modesty, due to the ingredients itself that just comprises of only 2 eggs, wowww!

So yeah, you can check the ingredients below, Good people!


- 2 eggs
- 2 sachets of chocolatos drink (chocolatos itself is kind one Indonesian chocolate drink that cheaply–and easily can be found in any local store on every public streets)
- 2 sachets of SKM
- 6 tablespoon hot water
- 6 tablespoon sugar

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- 6 tablespoon flour
- 6 tablespoon eatable oil
- 1 sachet of vanilla powder
- ½ teaspoon of baking powder
- 1/4 teaspoon of salt

Chocolate ganache’s ingredients:

- 15 gr chocolate bar + 35 gr WCC
- 4 tablespoon milk
- ½ teaspoon butter

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