A Best Recipe to Make a Crispy Tempe

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A Best Recipe to Make a Crispy Tempe


You guys surely have known well, that tempe basically is kind of food that made from soybean. Moreover, in Indonesia, tempe is really well known publicly and being a best yet simple choice to be served on the table in every occasion. Further, tempe is always be chosen cause its appearance that quite plain but always easily to be turned to many kind of food, delicious food indeed!

Some people may thought that tempe is one of plain food that not really hold a quite privilege like any other food, maybe you can name others like meat made from goat, cow, etcetera, or yeah any expensive fishes. But did you know, that tempe eventually being a choice for many people as one of healthy foods! Everyone do like tempe, sure!

Today, precisely we would like to give you a bit information that yes, tempe is always could be cooked to be something of food that could accompany rice so well, including any meat, vegetables, and moreover, tempe could be fried to be something more simple but still delicious and crispy which can you much over and over again, never bored to make it continuously, I bet!

How to make a crispy tempe is our intention right now, with its technique that for sure is simple and easy peasy. You just need to put your focus on its technique for the sake of better tempe could be munched, yet it can be saved later, or yes here is means durable!
So, what are the techniques to turn a plain tempe to be something more delicious? Put your focus here!

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- 15 tablespoon rice flour (or here is means equals to the 250 gr)

- 7 tablespoon tapioca flour (it is again equal to 125gr)

- 2 tempe (which is has approximately 600 gr for its weight.

- 1 egg (you can use both yellow and white part of the egg)

- 1 sachet of Royco or any other natural spices flavor, or perhaps you could just add salt and a bit of sugar here, up to you. Just follow your heart and your healthy life style choice!

Drinkable water which you can use circa 300–350 ml ( But here, is something you have to keep in mind is that if you do not use egg, so you can add the volume of water circa 100ml.

And the last material is eatable oil for frying the tempe later.

So, what we exactly need for the spices? Here absolutely you can check!

- 3 little piece of garlic

- 1 little piece of onion

- 1 teaspoon of coriander

- 2 finger size of kaempferia galangal

- 2–3 candlenuts

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And the now, you can check below the step by step in order to fry and cook it!

1. Slice slightly the tempe first. You can use any sharp knife, and usually 1 board of tempe could be cut to be 30–32 slices of tempe.

2. Put it then in a particular plate or bowl.
Put all materials in one big bowl, including the blended spices and water, stir it evenly.

3. Make sure that the dough texture neither too washy, nor too sticky. If you use egg previously, then it is better to make the dough quite washy, so the end–result will be quite crispy, and not too hard or rigorous.

4. Put each one of tempe slices to the flour dough and fry it in the already boiled/hot eatable oil on the stove. Stir it evenly until the color turned to be gold or a bit brown–yellowish. Take it over.

5. After it getting cold, you can put it on the oven for a moment in a low temperature, circa 100oC with both upper and down fire of the oven, around 20 minutes.

6. The end–result usually is crispy. And if it has been getting cold, you can seal it closely. It will be stay crispy and durable for around 3–4 months.

Happy cooking! :)) (Dyah)

Editor: Lila

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