A Recipe To Make The Mung Bean And Sticky Black Rice Porridge

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A Recipe To Make The Mung Bean And Sticky Black Rice Porridge


In the rush morning, we knows that we often have a little yet so challenging time to do many things and many stuff in one time. This is one that commonly becomes a reason for most of people cannot prepare or just serve a plate of love to themselves, or even to their beloved families. But sure, this condition is not a judging to all of us on this earth. Because however not all people out there are same as you, or yeah in vice versa.

So, at this occasion, let me tell you, if basically there is a short step to make a simple but yet nutritious and yummy porridge to accompany your stomach in a rush morning, would you like to give it a try? And please, do not once think that it is sounds like a weird recipe, because you perhaps would become wondered due to the highest yet rich of the taste this porridge might have!

By some plain materials that you would find it easily, this kind of healthy porridge however will always ready to befriend with you in a crowded morning. This is true, that if you think that it is kind of usual and very common porridge that people have been trying to make so far, but again, not all people could make a perfect porridge such as this, even their families, their friends, or their close relatives could doing so. And have you known that basically yes you can consume this porridge one either when you are in a hungry tummy, or even you just need joy and calmness.

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So yeah, please give it a try, it is totally worthwhile!

The Primary Ingredients:

- 200 gr mung bean (you must submerge it firstly along 3 hours).

- 200 ml instant – squeezed milk of coconut

- 1 finger size of ginger
(You can slice it tightly–previously).

- 1 sheet of pandanus leaf

- 2 tablespoon of brown sugar

- 5 tablespoon of sugar

- A half pan of drinkable water

- The Ingredients of Sticky Black Rice:

- 200 gr black sticky rice

- 1 liter of drinkable water

- 6 tablespoon of sugar

- ½ teaspoon of salt

- 1 sheet of pandanus leaf

- 200 ml instant – squeezed milk of coconut

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1. You can submerge the mung bean firstly for a long 3 hours.

2. Then you can boil the mung bean with the drinkable water also the ginger, the pandanus leaf, and brown sugar until the mung bean becomes softer.

3. Add the squeezed milk of coconut and the sugar, stir it evenly continuously. Let it boiled.

4. Check the taste based your own appetite, if it has been getting proper, now you can pour it into a big bowl.

5. Now, it is the turn for the sticky black rice (that you have submerged for 1 night previously), yeah, throw the water away.

6. Then, boil it with the drinkable water also the pandanus leaf, sugar and salt together.

7. Boil it all till becomes more sticky like a best porridge. Check the taste.

8. In a different pan, you can boil the sticky–squeezed milk of coconut with add a bit of salt into it.

9. Let it boiled and get sticky.

10. Serve the porridge altogether and pour the squeezed milk of coconut above it.

Happy tummy is yours! (Dyah)

Editor: Lila

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