A Recipe To Make A Barbeque Rib Easily

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A Recipe To Make A Barbeque Rib Easily


What kind of cow dishes that you really fall in love with? What kind of cow dishes that utterly makes you tremble in order to choose it as your perfect food in the hot either in the cold weather? The kind of cow dishes that always seems special in front of your eyes? Whatever those, you can always lean on to this recipe, to make a delicious food yet nourishing.

Here you must know well, that there is something else of the cow’s body part that can you turn into something more delicious, and will lead you to the addiction. What is that exactly? Yeah, that is the rib one. By the rib, you can turn it to be a delicious yet yummy–spectacular soup, or even turned it to be a barbeque rib! In many places, there have been barbeque rib that sold with its various spices and surely will lead your tongue to be danced!

In fact, the steps on how to make it is quite easy peasy and not really challenging so far. That is of course if you want to give it a try in your own house.

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So yeah, below is the recipe on how to make a special–barbeque rib by yourself, check it kindly!

Primary Material:

- ½ kg cow rib

For the blended spices, you can check these one:

- 2 little pieces of shallot

- 2 little pieces of garlic

- ½ teaspoon of pepper

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For the sauce one, you can check it below:

- 3 tablespoon of sweet soy sauce

- 2 tablespoon of oyster sauce

- 2 tablespoon of chili sauce/ yes you can always remove it to the tomato sauce if you typically a person that does not like spicy.


1. First, you can wash the rib of the cow cleanly.

2. Then, boil it for one hour.

3. Mix it with the blended spices that you have prepared previously.

4. And sure, do not forget to put the sauce into, all the sauces exactly.

5. If you see that the rib has been getting browned, sure you can take it up and put it on another bowl or plate.

6. Mix the spices with the rib evenly, and let it for 30 minutes.

7. Then put this all into the pan, and pour a glass of drinkable water or approximately around 200ml into it.

8. Give it also with some spices.

9. After the water on this pan has been getting subsided, now you can roast it above the stove/ above the pan/ or any kind of stuff you use.

10. Now, you can serve it best for your beloved family!

11. For sure you can add some soy sauce over it, some tomato or even the very spicy–chili sauce as your best appetite!

12. Happy eating anyway!

Hmm, is it too easy to make this barbeque rib, is it not it?

However, you can add some more additional spices into if you think or taste this one has not quite tasteful yet.

So yeah, happy tummy is waiting for you action! (Dyah)

Editor: Lila

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