How To Make A Yummy-Spicy Korean Kimchi

Kuliner Khas —Sabtu, 7 Aug 2021 11:05
How To Make A Yummy-Spicy Korean Kimchi


Hello, Good people! Did you know that kimchi is one of many traditional Korean foods? Yeaahh, it is traditional indeed to be honest. It comprises of various vegetables that have been fermented with some spicy spices!

A kind of food that comes from a country that commonly called as Jinsom Country is used the China cabbage or yeah a kind of lighter colored mustard greens, including radish.

You know guys, after these vegetables has been marinated and be washed cleanly, these vegetables must be mixed with some spiced that made from garlic, ginger, and the powder of shallot.

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Ahaaa , I know you guys have been waiting for the whole recipe right, and also the steps to make this anti–mainstream food one!

Here of course I will share the recipe and each steps that you can follow along! Put your focus on, guys!

- 3 lighter colored mustard greens (1 with the big size, and the other 2 are the medium size).

- 3 tablespoon of salt

- 1 little tiny piece of carrot (circa a match size).

- 3 sheets of scallions. You can slice it to be some long size.

White sesame

- 4 pieces of garlic

- 1 sweet onion

- 2 cm ginger

- 1 tablespoon of rice flour

- 50 gr the powder of chili

- 250 ml of drinkable water

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How to Make Kimchi:

1. You can cut the lighter colored mustard greens/ yes here is the China cabbage to be 4 parts.

2. Then wash it with clean water till no one sand left inside it. You can do it cautiously by check it one by one, then let the water run out.

3. Spread the salt evenly in each one of the China cabbages.

4. Let it will be infiltrated for along 1 hour.

5. After that, you can wash it again with the clean and drinkable water in order to make the salt getting vanished.

How to Make the Chili Pasta:

6. Blend the garlic, the sweet onion, ginger together.

7. Boil some water with the rice flour until it becomes sticky pasta.

8. Let it cold and mix with the salty fish sauce, also the powder of chili, and then stir it evenly once again.

9. Put all the slices of carrot and the scallions into the chili pasta, and then stir it again evenly.
It is totally worth it to try.

Because however, if you are one of the Korean lovers who are scattered in Indonesia or somewhere far from Korea else, and either you fall in love with their culture, culinary, movie, even arts, you can deem it like your best journey ever!

This food will give you an exemplary, yet memorable joy indeed.

So yeah, just give it a try whenever you are in a spare time or just want to forge yourself to be good at cooking matter!
Again and always, happy tummy is always waiting for your actions! (Dyah)

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