Let Your Body Relaxed Today by Making Ronde Hot Drinks

Kuliner Khas —Minggu, 8 Aug 2021 08:39
Let Your Body Relaxed Today by Making Ronde Hot Drinks


How are things with you today? I hope everything good always comes to you, either in your mind, heart, soul, or yeah body particularly here. Because, even we know that today everything always seems impossible. I mean, like much things even cannot be predicted.

We all are living in a condition or a situation that never knows when this pandemic will be over. When all people who have been losing their jobs would find the new ones? When all the students in every places, region, or yeah in any country could back to their usual activities in face to face learning system, go to school, meet friends, laughing together, et cetera. When we can hug each other, yank out our own mask, throw it to the dustbin or and let it be a kind of garbage that we never again wear in many uncountable years to come.

When everything that seems too weird such as current time could lead us to the side of another joy and gratitude, even still so many challenges comes one by one, like wave hits the trapped–almost sunk ship. But again, today I do not intend to direct you guys (reader) to the circumstances called sadness or pain. Just we need a time sometimes to get our zeal backs in a proper way, then let the fire from within ourselves burn our dedication to work, do anything passionately. Anything. Yes, anything.

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Hmm, I have been guessed today the weather will be cold, or yeah a bit more cooler than yesterday. But instead I am wrong here.

Today in Indonesia, especially in my city Pekanbaru, the weather is just quite hot, far different than yesterday when I had to take many piles of blanket in my bedroom just to make sure that I would not get fever, because hohoho the weather was so cold! The rain was exactly fell, haha. But ya, even today here in my city the weather is just hot, you can always try this beverage recipe.

Even ya, mostly for the majority of Indonesia would loves to make the ronde hot drinks in the cold weather, or almost tends to drink it in the cold night, when the rain falls, touch the earth. But yes, if you want to give it a try or drink it in the hot weather is up to you. But please, just make sure that you wear a quite t–shirt, so that your perspiration comes out easily. Hahaha!


- 250 gr white–sticky rice flour

- 20 gr sago flour/ cornstarch

- ½ gr of salt

- 150 ml of warm water

- 1 teaspoon of whiting flour

- 200 gr of roasted groundnuts

- 80 gr palm sugar

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Some food colourings, you can choose here based your own appetite. Mine are: red, yellow, blue, green, and purple. Yes, exactly like a beautiful rainbow, right? 

Water to boil the materials

For the gravy of this hot drink itself are:

- 200gr sugar

- 7 sheets of kafir lime leaves

- 100 gr of ginger, you can press it with a knife first till it becomes a bit flat, so the water within it could be easily mix with the other materials.

- 1 cinnamon

- 1 liter of drinkable water

- 2 pandanus leaves

- 1 lemongrass


1. Blend the groundnuts and roast it when it is still warm, then add sugar, and salt. Shape it to be some small balls.

2. Put it in a bowl.

3. Mix the white–sticky rice flour and salt together in another bowl, stir it evenly.

4. Pour the water little by little, stir again evenly.

5. Divide the dough to some parts based the food colourings you have. Mine are five colors, so I divide it to be five doughs.

6. Put a little tiny food colourings on each of dough. Mix it evenly. Then turn it to tens of small balls.

7. Take one by one of the small ball to be filled with the groundnuts. The groundnuts must be smashed previously to be very little pieces of nuts.

8. Pour the water to the pan, boil it till simmering.

9. Put all the ronde balls into it, and let it be there till they all are floating.

10. After that, you can take it up, and put it to the other bowl or plate.

11. In order to make the gravy itself, just need to put the water, sugar, ginger, pandanus leaves, and lemongrass to the pan.

12. Boil it till become simmering, and the smells is good.

13. Pour the gravy to the bowl together with the ronde small balls.

Happy tummy! Yeayy! (Dyah)

Editor: Lila

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