How To Make a Roasted Gourami For Your Perfect Lunch

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How To Make a Roasted Gourami For Your Perfect Lunch


Have you known guys, that usually gourami fish tends to be deemed as favourite meal of many people in their lunch time due to its meat that utterly soft and deliciously oily and salty.

You can always fry this kind of fish or yeah roast it too never makes you feels regret though. Besides that, you know guys, by adding some spicy cream or something like ketchup or tomato sauce will gives a perfect mix to this kind of food.

Hmm, now you can feel your stomach has getting surfed, insist you to make it soon, munching it too, right? Hahaha pardon me. Never mind, guys. You can always very welcome to give a try for this recipe below. Then yeah, just check your kitchen to make sure that all the materials has getting ready and completed indeed. Okay?

So yeah, just take a look carefully at these materials below, and so forth for the steps on how to make this perfect yummy roasted gourami!


- Gourami fish (the amount of the gourami itself could be depended based your current appetite).

- Salt

- 1 lime that you have peeled off till the water comes out.

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Blended Spices:

- 3–4 pieces of garlic

- 8 shallots

- 4–6 tiny green–chilies

- 8 red–chilies

- 4 cm of ginger

- Salt

- 1 cm of roasted turmeric

- 3 roasted candlenuts

- 100–150 ml eatable oil, you can use it to fry the blended spices.

Additional blended– spices:

- 1/4 teaspoon of extract chicken powder (You can buy it instantly in many sachd sold in the traditional or even public markets, or yeah just get it from the natural way like boiling a chicken meat first, that is up to you).

- 1/4 teaspoon of pepper powder

- ½ teaspoon of sugar

- The squeezed water of lime (just a bit or yeah you can turn it conditionally based your own desire).

- And the last is the sweet ketchup.

- Here you can add though some tomatoes sauce maybe if you like, or another additional sauce that very spicy to let your tongue danced, just up to you :)

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1. Firstly, you can clean the gourami fish in order to let the bacteria go away, vanished before it enters to your stomach and b consumed by your families, uh. May it never be happened, yeahh!

2. And then, after you clean the gourami fish with the clean water, you can wash it again by clean water. You can do this step doubly or triply based your hygiene principle, hehehe.

3. After that, you may put it in another bowl with some little holes to let the water falls down or yeah leak through it.

4. Then, you can fry it in half fried condition by a pan in order to let the out peel of the fish stays good seemingly.

5. Mix all the spices that previously have blended with the eatable oil and the extract chicken powder, also other spices like: pepper, sugar, sweet ketchup, and lime. Stir it evenly, then taste it based your own desire.

6. You can cover the fish by these blended spices evenly, and add some margarine over it if you like.

7. Let it be for around 30 minutes till the spices getting in perfectly.

8. Last, you can roast the gourami till it seems prettily brown–gold!

9. Serve it best. Happy tummy for you! (Dyah)

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