How To Make a Crunchy Cassava Chip

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How To Make a Crunchy Cassava Chip


Snack is kind of best and loveable food that almost be eaten by many people worldwide. Not just because the easiest way to get and find it, like here in Indonesia you can find many kinds of snack in every streets, including in the traditional markets while you can munching snack and in the same time buy some vegetables and do some bargaining to the sellers, lol.

One kind of best and loveable snack that very easy to find or easily to make it in our own kitchen is cassava chips! You know guys that cassava itself is one of vegetables that contain high carbohydrate within it, and further it is one reason that people worldwide loves to consume and turn it to something kind of new better–food!

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While you also known it perfectly, that cassava could be your best partner in order to accompany you when watching movies in television, or when you just doing your lots of homework, and yeah something like having a party with big families, or just spending a spare few time in wherever you are. Either alone or being with your friends and relatives or loved people, this snack one would become one of best choices!

Now, as you know that the chips we want you to give it a try to make this kind of chip that made by cassava. This chip made firstly by cutting the cassava itself to many thinnest slices. Then, you can fry it in the hot eatable oil on pan until it become crispy and seems perfectly crunchy. And beside you can turn it to be very salty or spicy, you can turn it also to be sweet! For the salty one of course you just need some garlic, red chilies, sugar, and tamarind.

Have you known that basically there have been many products of cassava chips sold and scattered in public places, or even in the traditional market and streets! But unfortunately the containing of MSG ( Monosodium glutamate or yeah also could called as sodium glutamate ) within it always makes people worried. But the good news is you can choose the alternative way for make your own cassava chip become free of MSG! Here check it kindly!

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- 1 kg of cassava
- 2 teaspoon of salt
- 1 teaspoon of soda baking
- Some drinkable water
- Some eatable oil
- 2 big red chilies
- 5–6 tiny green chilies
- 1 piece of garlic
- 4–5 shallots
- 3 little pieces of palm sugar
- 2–3 tablespoon of sugar

After all the materials above have been prepared, so below are the steps on how to make the sweet–spicy cassava chips by your own self, especially without the MSG one!

1. Clean firstly all the cassava and submerge it under the water.

2. Fry the cassava and put it on a plate/bowl. Let the oil firstly falls.

3. Prepare for all the spices.

4. Blend the 2 big red chilies, the tiny green–chilies, shallots, and garlic all together.

5. Saute it till simmering.

6. Add some water into the pan. Put the palm water and the sugar.

7. Wait till the spices become thick.

Serve the sauce together with the cassava chips in a plate.

Now, you can give it to your loved ones, happy tummy! :) (Dyah)

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