Freshen Your Mind by Eating This Green Banana Ice Cream

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Freshen Your Mind by Eating This Green Banana Ice Cream


This food one has been become popular among Indonesia civilians recently. Even actually yeah, this food has started to be well–renowned since many years ago, but today this one is still relevant and even become more likeable by many Indonesian’s tongues. Moreover, have you guys known that eventually, because of its popularity, this food almost impossible if cannot not be founded by you in many public places, or even in every roadside.

In the thought of many people, they also choose to deem this food as their favourite food because of its simplicity when it could accompany and entertaining their tongue in the very hot weather in afternoon. And by the stance of the seller of this food, they would like to choose this as their daily product due to its materials in how to make it that are very affordable to find and cheap in overall. Moreover, you know guys, banana is something kind of food that very usual and common to find in Indonesia or yeah in many places in the world. This fruit is really reachable to get even in public market or traditional market.

On the other hand, you also have known it well, that banana itself has a sweet taste within and if you mix it with the ice cream, the whole component will always succeed to satisfy your throat even in the hottest weather when the sun shine very bright! But however yes, you can always lean by your own shoulder to make this food one in your own house! Take a focus for the materials and the steps below yaakk!

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Materials for the peel:

- 125 gr flour.

- ½ teaspoon of salt.

- 6 pieces of king banana.

- Green–food coloring.

- 100 gr rice flour.

- 300 gr squeezed milk of coconut.

- 1 tablespoon of margarine

For the filling porridge itself, you need these materials:

- 100 gr of rice flour

- ½ teaspoon of salt

- 800 gr squeezed milk of coconut

To make the gravy one, use this material one:
- Chocolate ice cream.

Hmm, you can check to your closest supermarket to buy it there, or if you want to make the chocolate ice cream by yourself you can take a look at Youtube. There are many recipes in order to make any kind of delicious chocolate ice cream. That is up to you, honey.

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1. Peel off the banana carefully.

2. In order to make the peel of this green banana ice cream, you just need to mix all the materials but except the margarine one. Put it all on the pan (anti–glutted pan), and stir it evenly.

3. Heat on the stove with a small fire till it become thick.

4. Put the margarine over it, and stir well. Turn off the stove, and let it cold.

5. Pour the 400 gr of squeezed milk of coconut into it, but for the left of this one could be simmered in another pan.

6. Mix the dough of squeezed milk of coconut flour to the already simmered (the leftovers) of the squeezed milk of coconut one.

7. You can refine it carefully anyway with any muffler. Stir it till become thick based your own appetite, then turn off the stove.

8. After the peel has already cold, you can cover the banana with this peel dough by using wrapping plastic.

9. Then steam this green banana for fifteen minutes.

10. Serve it well on a plate, and just spread the additional white rice flour porridge (or yeah here in Indonesia we call “bubur sumsum”, and please the ice cream never be forgotten.

Hmm, happy tummy! :)) (Dyah)

Editor: Lila

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