A Glass Of Ginger–Milky Drink Could Boost Your Body Immunity

Kuliner Khas —Senin, 9 Aug 2021 15:20
A Glass Of Ginger–Milky Drink Could Boost Your Body Immunity


Currently we are living in the heavy or though season. Obviously, it could lead us all to the low body immunity. It happens because of our body is lack of much energy, either the energy itself must come from super food or beverage, just in case could boost our immunity system.

Day by day, we also could see clearly that how many people around easily affected by any disease. This condition one thus forces us often to how to elevate our body immune well. As we know then that healthy is profoundly expensive. So, what do you think the best way we can nurture our minerals, vitamin, protein, carbohydrate, or yeah the whole perfect energy which can complete our immune system? Do you have any idea beside we have to routinely taking balanced exercise every morning or while others having sun–bathing?

Yes, exactly that is one issue we intend to share to you guys here, at this moment. Precisely, by making and consuming this herb drink which made from a fresh ginger.

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You know wholly, that nowadays ginger are profoundly searched by people around. Moreover it has been become the best choice in every good family outside to consume it in daily. One specific product we can find easily in public place or yeah in many marketplaces is the variant of ginger drinks, such as: ginger milky drink!

But you know, not all of us could lean much on those marketplaces in the current condition where pandemic outbreak too fast. So, how we can solve this problem?

Do not worry, but instead just be happy, because below we have prepared the materials including the step in order to make it (the ginger milky drink), specially for you guys!

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Well ya, just take a look below:


- 5–6 cm of ginger

- 2 tablespoon of milk creamer, or yeah you can also use any milk powder product you loved.

- Palm sugar or you can also very welcome to use any brown sugar

- Some pandanus leaves

- ½ teaspoon of salt


1. Firstly, you can clean all the ginger and the pandanus leaves with clean water of course.

2. Then, just boil it altogether. But you know, previously you have to press off down the ginger, so the smells could get out from within and well mixed later.

3. Then, just put ½ teaspoon of salt into it. Stir it evenly.

4. Then, pour the 2 tablespoon of milk creamer into a glass. Or yeah as you want if you prefer the milk powder, yeah just pour it.

5. If the water on the stove has been boiled, now you can pour it into the glass that you have filled by the milk creamer previously.

6. Then stir it evenly.

7. Now, you can serve it best and could be drunk by you yourself, or just sharing it to your beloved ones.

8. Is it easy yet super simple, right? Happy tummy! :)) (Dyah)

Editor: Lila

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