A Best Sweet Cheese Corn Porridge for Your Enjoyful Breakfast

Kuliner Khas —Selasa, 10 Aug 2021 09:48
A Best Sweet Cheese Corn Porridge for Your Enjoyful Breakfast


Corn is one of many plants that super popular in Indonesia. The taste that really delicious, quite sweet, and has many wonderful advantages, makes this one become many favourite food of many Indonesian, even people worldwide.

Additionally, corn is kind of plant that can be eaten of course which easily to be turned to any kind new foods, one of them is the porridge of sweet cheese corn! Once you make and taste it, it will shake your tongue even stomach to eat over and over again. I promise it, huhu!

The step to make it is profoundly easy, you know! Beside it, the ingredients are also easily to get. You know also, that corn is kind of plant which save many useful nutrients that really good for our health, and beside it the cheese is also tasteful to be eaten even when the cloudy–rainy morning. These both offer us a package of happiness completely and very regretful if we must missed of. Thus, many people try to eat corn for boosting their energy beside rice or bread in every occasion. Moreover, trying to combine or mix it with cheese will ever dissatisfy you to start the brighter day, in everyday!

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So, now, take a look below at the ingredients which you have to prepare for making this wonderful dish: sweet cheese–corn porridge today!


- 2 medium or big corns (then you may take out the flesh of the corn from its cavity.

- 500 ml the squeezed milk of coconut, you can find the 500 ml from a half of that squeezed milk of coconut.

- 300 ml drinkable water

- 1 sachet SKM

- 3 tablespoon of sugar. Or you can add the sugar based your own health principle or appetite.

- 1/4 teaspoon of salt

- 2 sheets of pandanus leaves, you can tie these both altogether to make it like a perfect knot.

- 2 tablespoon of tapioca powder, then you may mix it with drinkable water for it can be dissolved.

- Some grater of cheese.

Now, take a look at the step by step on how to make it for your beloved ones. Give a focus here, please!

1. Boil the corn till it simmering with 300 ml of clean water.

2. Then you can add the pandanus leaves into the pan also salt altogether.

3. After that, when you have seen that the corns has already well–boiled or become a bit browned, you can add the squeezed milk of coconut, also skm, and sugar. Stir it evenly until it simmering for the squeezed milk of coconut could not break out.

4. After it is simmering, put a half of the grater cheese into the pan.

5. Lastly, you can add the dissolved tapioca flour into it.

6. Stir it again evenly. Then turn off the stove.

7. Serve it on a bowl or any special plate you want.

8. Spread the other of half cheese over it.

9. I bet the taste would be very yummy, due to I have made it some months ago.

10. So you must give it a try and if you want to sell it, you just need to pack and seal it in some small cups with size circa 200 ml.

Happy tummy again! :) (Dyah)

Editor: Lila

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