How to Make a Very Easy Chocolate Drink

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How to Make a Very Easy Chocolate Drink


Chocolate is one of snack that could be turned to many and various food, beverage, or even dishes or snack.

You can name however, what a many food even beverages around us made from chocolate. It could be started from chocolate banana juice, milo–chocolate ice, milky–chocolate pudding, et cetera. You know it well that chocolate has been in many people’s heart nowadays.

Moreover, chocolate usually trusted could change some people’s heart with particular condition. I mean, when you sad or you are quite upset, then someone you loved bring you a package of chocolate, I bet you cannot reject it, right? You both together may open the seal of the package altogether, eat it with laugh and joy. How beautiful that view, is it not it?

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And have you know, that actually chocolate has some substance which one of it is triptofan. Triptofan quite often mentioned in many health articles which could produce serotonin. Serotonin itself later will be functioned as anti–depressant which can heal or repair someone’s mood when they munching chocolate.

Today, we would like to present to you guys about how to make a glass of yummy chocolate drink, that I bet very tasteful! You will not be regretful even you just already getting crazy with your own business, or your relationship, or perhaps your exam score in campus has already released out but the score is unexpectedly beat you over and over again.

Get calm. Get calm. You have been trying, and at least you have been trying to overcome and reach till this pathway. No matter how hard storm of life hits you already, but you can always bounce it back. Just get calm. Just get calm. Just get calm by consuming this glass of chocolate drink. Give it a try anyway!

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Ingredients for the Jelly:

- 10 gr chocolate instant jelly (powder usually)

- 500 ml drinkable water or you can use some fresh milk anyway

- 50 gr sugar

- 10 gr chocolate powder.

- 4 tablespoon of milo. Milo in Indonesia is known as one of famous chocolate milk brands. But however you can use any chocolate milk brand served in your country.

The Ingredients to Make the Pearl Sago:

- 100 gr pearl sago. Here in Indonesia you can find it easily in any traditional market, so just check in any marketplace if you do not find it easily near your house.

- 1 liter of drinkable water.

- The Chocolate Ingredients:

- 1 sachet of instant chocolate powder

- 200 ml of fresh milk

- 100 ml of cream

- 1 can of evaporated milk

- 100 gr sweet chocolate creamer milk

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1. Mix all the ingredients of jelly on the medium fire on the stove, let it simmering.

2. Pour to an aluminum bowl. Let it cold and become a bit rigid, then cut it like cube or dice.

3. Boil the pearl sago till it well–cooked. Filter it with a refiner/ any plain distiller.

4. Mix all the ingredients of chocolate, stir it evenly.

5. Put the jelly and the peal sago.

6. Let it cold and serve it for your loved one.

Hmm, yummy! (Dyah)

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