Tomato Juice: a Fresh Drink To Vanish Your Thirst

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Tomato Juice: a Fresh Drink To Vanish Your Thirst


Everyone surely wants to have a strong bogy, a stable health, including a sturdy immunity system, which means it will not easily decrease for. But unfortunately, not all people could apply a good life style, due to among us there are served many foods even beverages and dishes which could lead to any disease, including obesity and severe cancers. But guys, did you know? Applying a healthy life style never sounds that tricky! We also could live with a simple plan, yet impactful for our better health.

This kind of way could say simple, because it also could be found easily in anywhere basically. How come?

This is the point, exactly by drinking and consuming many fruits or vegetable juices, like any powerful smoothie in your daily life. And particularly, you can choose to consume those kinds of fruits and vegetables whose save rich of nutrients and vitamins, including minerals within it. Surely, that is the one reason our body should addicted for instead.

One of many scattered fruits and vegetables around you can choose is like: tomato! Why is tomato, because a tomato is rich of its mineral and vitamins. So, how we can find a glass of fresh tomato? Of course, in the very simple way you can go to any public street where there are sell many fresh juice which you can trusted on. But however, you can always make it in your own house by your own self. So, just take a focus below for the recipe:


- 3 tomatoes with big size

- 2 celeries with big size

- Honeydew

- 2 tablespoon water of the squeezed lime

- Drinkable water

- Boxed ices

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1. Firstly, you have to wash cleanly all the tomatoes.

2. Then, please team it for around 4 minutes. It is intended to elevate the amount of the likopen within these tomatoes.

3. You can prepare a blender and then try to put the cuts of the celeries and the tomatoes into it.

4. Put also the squeezed of lime altogether. Blend it well.

5. Add some drinkable water.

6. Let all the ingredients become softer. Blend it again.

7. After that, you can serve it to some glass you have prepared.

8. Pour the honeydew over it and add some boxed ices into it.

9. Now, the tomatoes juice is ready to drink anyway.

Please make sure you do all the process patiently and happily to get the end–pretty result. Because however, whatever you do and you think about anything in this life could influence and give effect to what you do at the same time.

And take a note always in your mind that this one is really super healthy drink which can you drink in daily and serve to many beloved families of yours.

Moreover, if you want to add some herbal seed like other people commonly do of course that is very welcome.

And believe it also, that whatever you already found in the process of seeking the happiness and better health in this life you will always find a person to get inspired of, and so you will be the same reason for others to be followed for.

Have a happy life! (Dyah)

Editor: Lila

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