How to Make a Tasteful Chicken Katsu

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How to Make a Tasteful Chicken Katsu


I know guys and I understood that your stomach currently craving for other kind of marvelous yet delicious food and dishes, even fresher beverages. I know it is beyond hurt having the same food to eat every day and every time. Moreover if the kind food you eat in daily is just an ordinary food like fried chicken, chicken soup, chicken with salty gravy noodles, chicken barbeque, chicken … uh yeah chicken most of the time and you are confused how could you become the cult of chicken or being a fans of only a chicken? Lmao.

So guys, today I would like to present you here about the extraordinary or yeah you can say that this recipe one as the category of anti–mainstream food that really worthy to eat in daily even yeah just try it in your own kitchen never even hurt you, I bet. What is the name of this food then? Guess it, good people! Hohoho…

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Exactly, one hundred is the score for you! Exactly the name of this food is Chicken katsu!

Yeah, this food one is quite popular and easy to find in every country you reside in. But in cannot be denied that mostly chicken katsu itself often served in prestigious restaurant which has four or five years! This is the truly feels like we are in paradise once it arrive and enters our mouth. Because guys, you must know that the taste of it is really beyond super good and the chicken appearance itself is quite crispy either in the outside or inside. But now, you utterly do not need or feels burdened to try to find the places or best restaurants who sell this chicken katsu. You can always make this food by yourself in your own kitchen!

Woaoooowww, how come? I bet you will scream once you know the ingredients and the steps on how to make it, because it is really super easy and once you are succeed in making it you will feels how proud are you to yourself! Hmm, yeah just trying to imagine how best you are as a great chef ever, at least in your own house by doing this?

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Hmm well, just do it right away :)


- 3 medium or big chests of chicken without its bones.

- 4 pieces of garlic, you can grind it till it softer.

- 1 teaspoon of salt.

- ½ teaspoon of pepper powder.

- Chicken extract powder, this one is optional. Or if you want really use it naturally you can also boil your chicken meats by clean water and get the extract of it easily once it well–boiled.

Spices for recover the chicken katsu later:

- Multi–purpose flour.

- 2 eggs of chicken, you can mix it freely.

- Bread crumbs.


1. Wash cleanly the chicken chests, and cut it into two pieces on its middle part, pin it along with a sharp fork carefully.

2. Cover it by salt, garlic, salt, pepper and the chicken extract powder. Mix it all evenly.

3. Cover it again with the multi–purpose flour.

4. Put the chicken to the already mixed eggs then cover it again to the breadcrumbs while in the same time you can press it away.

5. Just put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

6. After that, you can let it be in the room temperature for a while.

7. Fry it in already hot of eatable oil also with the small or medium fire on your stove.

8. After it ripe or the color of the chicken become quite golden–browned, you can take it up and serve it well on a special plate.

Happy tummy!:)) (Dyah)

Editor: Lila

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