Jamu Beras Kencur: A Herb Drink to Repair Your Appetite

Kuliner Khas —Kamis, 12 Aug 2021 10:21
Jamu Beras Kencur: A Herb Drink to Repair Your Appetite


Jamu beras kencur actually is one of Indonesian traditional herbal medicines. The medicine word here just has some meanings such as to enhance your appetite and to makes your body immunity system stable. This drink one is grouped as jamu, because of the beras kencur itself has various advantages for our body health. Moreover, beras kencur is profoundly popular because due to its taste that really sweet but also fresh.

The substance of the vitamin B within the beras kencur is really worthwhile to thicken our stomach side from inside. Additionally, the vitamin B also useful if such a detriment emerges because of the acid within it is surged.

So good people, below are some advantages if you would like to consume this jamu beras kencur daily for the sake of your better health:
Keeping your sugar blood in normal pace.

Soothing the diarrhea, if you have any of course
Calming your cough even when it has any kinds of phlegm.

Helping you to get well soon and become more ready after facing any wounds in the process of uttering.


- 1 handful of rice

- 1 handful of aromatic ginger

- 190 gr palm sugar

- 3 sheets of kaffir lime leaves

- 650 ml of drinkable water

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1. Firstly, you can wash cleanly the rice.

2. Then, submerge the rice within the clean water in a bow you have prepared before, for along 6 hours.

3. After it goes for 6 hours, then you can peel off the aromatic ginger’s peel and please also do not forget to cut the palm sugar to be smaller pieces.

4. Put all the ingredients to the blender. Blend it till all are truly soft.

5. And then, sift it or yeah strain it through any muslin cloth or a fine sieve.

6. Put it to some glasses you have prepared previously.

Anyway, just for your information, that some people also loves to change the white rice with the brown rice due to their health principle, but yeah here in Indonesia and generally people loves to use the white rice rather than the brown rice due to its price that quite cost arms and legs in the eyes of Indonesian. And other reason why some people also choose the brown rice to make this jamu beras kencur is because of its high nutrients within the brown rice itself that could support our body’s request regarding the amount of fiber it needs. But however, if you choose the brown rice or the red rice one it will yield a thicker jamu, so it is better if you can add more fresh water into it if you prefer a thinner jamu.

Precisely, you can adjust your jamu according to your preference.

On the other hand, actually many recipes scattered on the internet or in the thought of many people that they do not include the turmeric in its ingredients, but yeah if you would like to add it into the process of making it, that is very welcome too. Because however, turmeric is good for our health though.

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