A Recipe to Make a Yummy Apple Pie

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A Recipe to Make a Yummy Apple Pie


Apple pie is one of fruit pies which filled by the cuts of apple which later it could incite the sweet taste in the process of baking it. It is often be mixed with the powder of cinnamon to emerge the good smell from within, and also the use of the palm sugar could add the sweet taste in the name of the completeness of this happy pie.

There are many cities in Indonesia which have been best–renowned as the producers of apple. It made the apple itself scattered everywhere and could be found out easily by many people. This kind of fruit has been known easy to grow in a tropical climate, and Indonesia is one of that places.

Here, if you come to any tropical countries like Indonesia, you can buy some apples and then try to turn and bake it to be any sweet foods or cakes or even beverages made mainly by apple itself. Because no matter even sometimes the taste of some apples are quite sour, but you can add some sugar into it when bake it in its process. And surely, everyone started from children, teenager to adults would love this fruit one.

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So exactly, how we can bake an apple pie? Below we have prepared the recipe which you can use for making a great apple pie ever in your life! After that, you can always be very welcome to serve it for your families, relatives, friends, even your boyfriend or yeah he is who already being your husband!

Or even you already broken, you can always serve it to your beloved mom or dad.

Yes, just give love to many people as much as possible, especially the closes ones around you. And even nobody left, at least you yourself always deserve to get it!

So, now, just take a look at this recipe, and check it in your own refrigerator soon. Once some are not available, just go and find it in the close supermarket, then make it for your own convenient!


- 300 gr multi–purpose flour

- 100 gr cold–unsalted butter

- 80 ml of ice water

- ½ teaspoon of salt

- 1 teaspoon of sugar

- 1 yolk, it is intended to the covering of the pie. And you can get a yolk just from one egg.

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The Filling:

- The peeled green apples, you cut it like small dices around 500 gr

- 150 gr palm sugar

- 5 cm cinnamon

- 1 teaspoon of lemon water

- ½ teaspoon of salt

- 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter

- 1 tablespoon of maize flour, you can mix it with 50 ml drinkable water, stir it and let it dissolve perfectly.


1. Heat the butter first till it well–melted.

2. Put the apple, palm sugar, cinnamon, lemon water, and the salt altogether into the pan and stir it evenly till the apple looks browned or well–ripe.

3. Pour the maize flour which already mixed with water, and let it thick by always be stirred evenly.

4. After that, take it up and turn off the stove.

5. Let it cold.

6. In another bowl, stir the multi–purpose flour, salt, and sugar, then put the butter into.

7. Mix the butter with the dough one by using fork or pie cutter.

8. Pour the water into it little by little and always stir it by your clean hand.

9. Just stir it, never mix it well by your hand.

10. After it become like clot, you can seal it by using wrapping plastic and let it cold in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

11. Take it out from refrigerator, and roll it out by using rolling pin or any clean tool for rolling cake dough, make sure its thickness is just 1 cm, no more, and no less.

12. Last, please put the pie peel on the pie mold and let its border be tidy. (Dyah)

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