How to Make a Glass of Taro-Milky Drinks Easily

Kuliner Khas —Kamis, 12 Aug 2021 12:25
How to Make a Glass of Taro-Milky Drinks Easily


This beverage one is made mainly by taro, which the taste is super delicious and quite salty, but yet calming and could make us addicted into over and over again. Taro itself can be turned to many kinds of beverage and even healthy foods that truly good for our better health. Additionally, besides it color and great taste, taro also has many insightful advantages to remember, exactly such as: it has rich of fibers, it can control the amount of sugar in your blood, it could also be a best choice for diet. Moreover, it is really healthy either for our digestion or including the intestines itself.

But you also have known guys that every kind of food or plants also has each particular process in order to produce or turn it to something new. I mean, like here for taro has different treatment when it turned to something else, and of course it is totally different than the other plants like cassava or maybe any other plants, fruits, or vegetables. And however, it is not impossible again for today people loves to turn taro from its flesh itself (the stem which we usually eat), but others also turn it to be taro powder which they thought it would benefit them more, and even seems simpler.

So good people, below is the recipe I would like to share you today in order to make a pretty yet wonderful glass of taro–milky drinks for freshen your summer day! Take a look, guys!

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- 70 gr taro powder, you can find it easily however in any supermarket or even traditional market in every street close to your house. Or yeah if it is quite difficult to find, you can also try to find it in any online marketplace.

- 180 ml of hot–clean water.

- 2–3 tablespoon of creamer or low fat milk.

- 2–4 tablespoon of liquid sugar or yeah you could check the sweet taste once you feel the sweet is not enough.

- However, please take a look at your health guys. Health is very priceless anyway.
60 gr boxed ices


1. Let the taro powder mixed with the hot water until it perfectly dissolve.

2. Stir it evenly anyway.

3. Pour it to the shaker glass or in any glass which has its cap.

4. Add some creamer, boxed ices, also the liquid sugar into it.

5. Shake it all perfectly by previously you have to put the cap of the glass onto it.

6. After it well–shaken, then you can serve it in a glass.

You can also put some peanut onto it, or perhaps you might like some natural seeds, or cuts of chocolate, bubbles, etcetera, of course that are very welcome to do though.

Happy tummy!

Now, you have known how easy to make a glass of taro–milky drink, right? Do not you want to give it a try? For then you can present it to your loved ones?

Me? For sure, I will if I would be you! :) (Dyah)

Editor: Lila

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