How to Make a Dessert of Purple Potato Pudding

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How to Make a Dessert of Purple Potato Pudding


Purple potato is kind of plant which its steam can be eaten, and sure the taste is beyond tasteful. Besides the taste that really yummy, this purple potato also has many advantages which we can find range from its roots, even to its fruits. Purple potato also can turned to any kinds of food even beverages, so like today we would like to present you specially one food that we can made basically from purple potato!

Yeah guys, you know the fresh sensation and the sweet taste come from within the purple potato itself has been made this one the favorite of many people worldwide. I bet all people really loves it and tends to fight against each other or yeah having a quite big struggle to get it away, even children includes here.

Thus, below is a recipe on how to make a very delicious purple potato pudding special from based our simple and easy points of view. So yeah guys, give your focus on this materials and so to the each steps attached below. Never underestimate each one of its ingredients if you want not your purple potato failed in the middle process on how making it.

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- 300 gr purple potato, you can peel it off anyway and then wash it cleanly with clean water. Then, please steam it in the medium fire on your stove.

- 100 gr of sugar

- 400 ml of low fat milk or yeah you can also use any kind of milk. But me, due to my health principle thus I need to use the low fat milk one.

- 500 ml of drinkable water

- 1 sachet of plain jelly powder.


1. Blend the purple potato altogether with the milk, and then filer it carefully and place it in another bowl.

2. After that, you can add the result of the previous filtering with some drinkable water and the sugar.

3. Boil it all with the plain jelly powder till it simmering, and please make sure to stir it along the way for you can get the even texture of the jelly itself, no more clots, and no over–boiled.

4. Then, you can pour it to any jelly molding. Let it cold it the room temperature for a while exactly before you put it in refrigerator. Thus you could do this step for avoiding your refrigerator broken out.

5. After it getting quite cold or even neutral, then you can add some milk pudding fla or any sweet cream over the pudding.

6. You can serve it also with some cuts of peanuts, cuts of chocolate, or even cuts of any delicious fruits you like the most.

7. And then now, it is your turn to put it in the refrigerator.

8. After circa one or two hour later, you can then take it out from the refrigerator and serve it to your loved one. However, your best work never be hidden or even only be eaten just by yourself. Share it to the loved one could enhance the ir level of gratitude for having you beside them. Happy tummy!

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