A Plate of Delicious Pizza for Your Breakfast

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A Plate of Delicious Pizza for Your Breakfast


Long time ago, pizza was known as many other usual and ordinary foods of civilians, because of the ingredients on how to make it were quite cheap and easy to find. But today the reality talks quite different especially here in Indonesia. For most of people in Indonesia, they though that pizza is kind of expensive food due to its cost that really unfriendly and only sold mostly in the stores within a high–modernized malls. That is quite true reality though, even we have known that today there are many small even public outlets in the street have been trying to compete with the big pizza companies by making such innovation, example like: selling a small size of pizza even with its competed prices.

The point you have to know guys, that pizza is one of food that origins from Italy and still become the adorable one in the eyes of Italian there, even people worldwide. It is simple basically, because of its taste that really tasteful, quite salty but yet delicious, and also the bread within itself which very soft makes this food one never inhabits in the heart of many people, range from children to adults.

For sure, on how to make a delicious pizza is not seems as that tricky you think, but of course if you are now living in a dorm or here is mean that your tools to start making cake, bread even pizza are not yet complete, of course it would be the challenge one. But please do not worry, because bellow we have served you a recipe to make a plate of delicious pizza even you are living in a dorm and just having a white bread! Yes, you are not wrongly read it. A white bread!

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Below, please give your focus on to the ingredients and each step that you really need to be followed, and please do not skip it even just one!


- 1 egg, you can use both the yolk and the white one.

- 7 tablespoon of milk (the liquid one for sure, not the powder of even the cream one).

- 4 loaves of white bread.

- Salt.

- Pepper powder.

- Some greater cheese.

- Margarine.

- Chili sauce and tomato sauce.

- Sausages for the topping. You can slice it anyway or just turn it to some smaller slices.


1. Firstly, the thing you have to do is to mix the egg by mixer or even by fork if you are quite strong, that is up to you.

2. And then please put the breads that you have cut into smaller pieces into the bowl of the mixer.

3. Then, put also the milk, salt, pepper powder into it, and then stir it altogether evenly till the breads itself cannot be seen anymore or yeah here is mean that the breads are well–sunk.

4. Cover the pan by margarine and put the dough of the bread on this pan, with the condition of the stove is off.

5. And then make sure that each dough are linked and even one another.

6. Turn on the fire in its very small level.

7. Bake it until the down part of the bread become dry and well–browned.

8. Now, the pizza can be served for your loved ones! (Dyah)

Happy tummy! :)

Editor: Lila

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