How to Make Delicious Shrimp with Bitter Beans Sambal Easily

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How to Make Delicious Shrimp with Bitter Beans Sambal Easily


Shrimp is kind of seafood that often being a favourite in the heart of many people, especially those who are being the seafood lovers. Shrimp itself has been known as kind of food that very yummy and beyond delicious to cook or even to turn simply to any kind of food. For you who are being the lover of shrimp, perhaps it is very common to find any shrimp cooked to be fried shrimp or yeah any roasted shrimp with hot spices or even delicious honey spices. But, have you known that actually shrimp can also be cooked with many other recipes like today we will share to you?

Hmm, one of million menus that today you can give a try is this one below. Exactly, you can combine the shrimp itself with the sambal pete or yeah in english we could say sambal or chilies with bitter beans. Bitter beans itself was renowned as twisted cluster beans, or yeah you can also name it as stink beans. Some Indonesian or mostly Asian would love with it due to its best combination of the soft shrimp meat and the strong taste of the bitter beans sambal. I bet, this perfect greatly combination will surely makes you fall in love to strong smells of the bitter beans also, and never forget it till the rest of your life.

Below is the recipe on how to make a delicious shrimp with bitter beans sambal very easy. You can take a look patiently, and I wish you could make it to your beloved ones in house or any area you would like to share it. We knows, pandemic has been teaching is many lesson, and it is basically does not matter I thought to share even just a plate of this ordinary but tasteful shrimp with bitter beans! What do you think, honey? ;)

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Primary materials to make the sambal of bitter beans:

- 500 gr of shrimp with medium size

- 2 stems (boards) of bitter beans

- 150 gr of red chilies

- 5 shallots

- 2 little pieces of garlics

- 1 tomato

- Sugar

- Salt

- Drinkable water

- Eatable oil for frying it


1. Firstly, you can take the shrimps and wash it cleanly in the clean water for sure.

2. Please, along the washing itself you can also peel off the shrimp peels and just throw away the shrimp’s heads to the dustbin.

3. After that, you can put it in a bowl.

4. Prepare a blender or any kind of clean stone to soften the spices such as: shallots, garlic, tomato, and the chilies altogether.

5. Take away the bitter beans from its cavities and wash it cleanly by clean water.

6. Cut each one of the bitter beans to two parts.

7. Turn on the stove. Heat on the pan and pour the eatable oil into it.

8. Saute the spices till the smells good.

9. Put the cuts of tomatoes, sugar, and salt into the pan also.

10. After that, you can put the shrimp into the pan and let it well–cooked esepecially until the water within the pan has been resides.

11. Put also the bitter beans into the pan. Stir it well.

12. Serve it on a plate and share it to your loved ones.

Happy tummy! :)

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