How to Make a Plate of Nasi Tim Ayam (Chicken Rice Porridge) Easily

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How to Make a Plate of Nasi Tim Ayam (Chicken Rice Porridge) Easily


How to Make a Plate of Nasi Tim Ayam (ChickNasi Tim Ayam is one of Indonesian–Chinese cuisine that basically very easy to find in any Chinese restaurant in Indonesia. Nasi tim ayam actually means rice that sealed or wrapped with ayam and some tasteful spices. Ayam itself means chicken in English.

In the thought of some people, this cuisine one has been deemed as one of soothing and calming cuisine. Sometimes it also served for children or even adult when they are in fever due to its texture that is very easy to digest.

You must know it well guys that actually the chicken taste is very delicious and yummy, because it cooked by the combination of perfect soy sauce and the oyster sauce. The rice itself is good and never even tasteless due to the process of cooking it tends to cook by perfect amounts of salt, garlic, ginger, and the extract of chicken. So, have you feels craving for this porridge one, good people?

I bet your stomach has been dancing unexpectedly, she crying for something new whether you have to give it a try to cook by yourself or just find and buy it in any public places? No worries, we have presented a great recipe below for you. You can save it now and just try it later. Once you quite ready to cook it and share it to your loved one, I believe they will more in love to you, honey!

So yeah, just give your focus to the materials and the steps below! But please, remember that the recipe below will yield 6 plates or means six portions. So if you want to cook and serve it only for someone special, please divide it firstly. But if you want to share it to your big families of even just though about a great feast, never hesitate to give it a try! ;)

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Materials for the rice:

- 350 gr of rice, wash it cleanly by clean water

- 500 ml chicken extract. You can buy it instantly in any public place such as supermarket or in any traditional market. They will usually sell it in sachet form. But if you want healthier you can give a try to boil the chicken meat naturally and take its extract by yourself.

- 1/4 teaspoon of salt

- 2 tablespoon of eatable oil

- 1 sheet of pandanus leaf

The materials to the chicken extract itself:

750 ml of drinkable water

5 cuts of chicken feet, you can press it first

Salt and pepper powder

1 stem of spring onion, you can slice it to be very small pieces

1 tablespoon of bijen oil

Cucumber, just cut it to small pieces

The slices of Chicken:

250 gr of chicken chest fillet. But you can also cut it to dice based your own appetite.

100 gr of eatable mushrooms.

2 little pieces of garlic

6 tablespoon of sweet soy sauce

1 tablespoon of salty soy sauce

Salt and pepper powder

1 teaspoon of sugar

2 tablespoon of eatable oil to saute it later

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Additional spices:

- Boiled chicken egg

- Spring onions

- Cucumber salad (acar salad)

Steps (for the rice) :

1. Wash cleanly the rice.

2. Put it to the pan and add the chicken extract into it also the salt, pandan leaves, and oil.

3. Cook it till smells good.

Steps (for the sauted chicken) :

1. Heat on the pan on the stove. Put the oil and the bijen oil into it, also garlic till the smells good.

2. Put also the chicken that you have cut it to dices, stir it until the colors become well–browned and do not forget to put the sweet soy sauce also into it.

3. Put the mushroom, salt, pepper powder and sugar also and stir it evenly.

4. Check the taste. Put it in a bowl.

5. Steam it with medium fire size for 35 minutes or until it well–cooked. Take it out from the bowl and serve it together with the gravy of acar or cucumber salad.

6. Now, the nasi tim ayam or chicken rice porridge is ready to eat.

Happy tummy! (Dyah)

Editor: Lila

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