How to Make a Yummy Roasted Duck with Rujak Spices Easily

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How to Make a Yummy Roasted Duck with Rujak Spices Easily


Duck is one of poultries that quite much be eaten or consumed by people worldwide beside chicken. The taste actually a little bit different than the taste of chicken in general, but if we can taste it patiently and deeper (not in a rush when we are really in hunger) of course the taste will be very more special than chicken in particular. Moreover, duck often turned to be a quite high level of food to be served in any occasion than chicken which nuanced bit usual.

In order to roast duck will surely require our bigger patience than when we usually roast a chicken. Due to the duck texture which quite hard or yeah tougher that chicken, it makes duck often needs more time to be boiled or to roast.

Have you known that actually most people will fall in love to any kinds of food served with duck meat? But far from the bottom of their heart, they will say more and bigger–many yes to the taste of roasted duck with rujak spices! Here at this occasion, we would like to present you a great recipe and very worth it to try in your own kitchen.

Moreover, if you perhaps would like to make it to be your additional business, surely you are very welcome and my prayers will come along with you!
So yeah, just give your focus away to the recipe below. Because the materials and the steps itself are very complete, and I am one hundred percent believe you will can roast a very yummy duck for your beloved ones!

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- 1 full of duck

Spices to boil it later:

- ½ teaspoon of coriander

- 3 little pieces of peppers

- a bit of nutmeg

- 2 pieces of candlenuts

- 2 liter or drinkable water

- Salt and sugar

- 8 shallots

- 2 little pieces of garlics

- 2 stems of lemongrasses

- 2 sheets of kaffir lemon leaves

- 2 cm of turmeric

- 1 cm of ginger

- 2 cm of galangal

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For the recipe of the rujak spices itself are:

- 6 shallots

- 1 little pieces of garlic

- 2 red chilies

- 2 little green chilies

- 1 tomato with a medium size

- 1 sheet of Indonesia bay leaf

- Terasi (or yeah it is actually a kind of condiment made from pounded and fermented shrimp or any small fishes). You can buy it instantly which is usually sold in sachet.

- Salt, sugar, palm sugar, and sweet soy sauce.


1. Firstly, was cleanly the duck with all its innards.

2. Cut it based your appetite.

3. For the rujak spices itself, you can saute firstly before it must be blended or yeah you can also grind it till soft. After you turn it to softer, just saute it again till well–cooked.

4. You can saute all the spices except the kaffir lemon leaves and the lemongrass.

5. Add some drinkable water into the pan, let it well–boiled, and put all the spices also the duck into it. Let the water resides and duck itself softer.

6. Now, you can roast the duck till once again softer, and please do not forget to cover it by sweet soy sauce and the tomato sauce or yeah any hot–spicy sauce also are very welcome.

7. Let it well–roasted.

8. Serve it together with warm rice and any sambal lalapan. Share to your loved–ones!

Happy tummy! :) (Dyah)

Editor: Lila

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