How to Make a Great Oxtail Soup Easily

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How to Make a Great Oxtail Soup Easily


Beef is one of many food materials that can be turned to be any kind of deliciousyet yummy and tasteful dishes.

Yeah, you can name it guys, such as cow satay, tongseng (this food one is kind of food made also by beef with gravy combined by sweet and salty soy sauce and that of course very tasteful!) , also yeah the one and only one we will present for you at this moment is sup buntut or in english we can say: oxtail soup!

This food surely came from animal sacrifice, I am sorry, a bit joke but it is true right. And talking about the process of cooking it itself is quite challenging, because you know that the beef itself mostly has a quite tough texture so we need to cook it perfectly to get a great taste of oxtail soup.

Even though, there are still many people who still love oxtail soup but unfortunately they do not know how to cook it well. So, if you are one of those who want to know how to cook it perfectly with a very great detail, please do not direct your focus to anything else, but here.

In order to cook or make this great oxtail soup, you just do not even need to go out from your country to get the whole spices, or even trying so hard to compile any Youtube videos and pondering some mockeries of your neighbors due to you still cannot make a good cook, but please just patient and stay calm to follow our suggestion below.

So, what are things you really need to make a great oxtail soup? Just pleases check the materials and each step below, guys!


- 1kg of beef, you can cut it to dices and wash it by clean water perfectly.

- 2 carrots with big size and then please cut it to be shape of match or yeah if you prefer to cut it to dice, so just do it right away.

- 1 stem of spring onion. You can cut it bigly, not really soft cuts.

- 2 stems of celeries, slice it slightly anyway. Later you can use it for the spread on the soup itself.

- 1 tomato with big size. Cut it also based the shape you want.

- 1 star anise

- 2 cloves

- 1 cm of true cinnamon tree

- 2 tablespoon of margarine to saute the materials later.

- Cow or chicken powder extract. You can find it easily in any public market or here in Indonesia we can find in any traditional market which sold it instantly in sachet.

- Salt and sugar

- 1,5 liter of drinkable water

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Blended Spices:

- 7 shallots

- 4 little pieces of garlic

- 1/2 nutmegs

- ½ tablespoon of peppercorns

Additional spice:

- Fried shallot slices, hot green chilies, lime.


1. Wash firstly the oxtail cleanly.

2. Boil the 1,5 liter of drinkable water in a pan, then put the oxtail into it.

3. Boil it by the medium fire on your stove.

4. Put the celeries into it, and let the oxtail becomes softer.

5. Saute the blended spices altogether with the margarine till the smells good.

6. Put the true cinnamon tree, cloves, and also the star anise into it.

7. Stir it evenly till well–cooked and then take it up.

8. Pour the blended spices into the boiled oxtail. Put the carrots cuts, potato cuts, salt, and sugar, also the cow/chicken extract powder into it.

9. When it almost get well–cooked, you can also put the spring onion and the tomatoes into it.

10. Check the taste and if it fits well, you can then turn off the fore of the stove.

11. Serve it by pouring the oxtail soup to the bowl and spread the cuts of the celeries and the fried shallots over it.

Share it to your loved one. Happy tummy! :) (Dyah)

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