Is The Coconut Water Could Heal The Stomach Acid Disease? Hmm, You Can Check to These Kinds Of Drinks!

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Is The Coconut Water Could Heal The Stomach Acid Disease? Hmm, You Can Check to These Kinds Of Drinks!


The stomach acid disease is occurs because of the increasing of the stomach acid into the tube connecting of your mouth and stomach (esophagus or throat). This condition often happens in the channel of digestion that connecting the mouth and stomach while these both too are undergoes the irritation. Hey good people, please keep in mind that if your stomach acid if surge, please do not in rush to take the medicine. Instead to taking the medicine, you can tranquilize this stomach acid by making and drinking these kinds of drinks below. Check it carefully, please!

First, we have to note it in mind that every person in this earth will surely feel uncomfortable and suffered when their stomach acid is getting back and surged. If that condition becomes worse and even worst, the sufferer will feeling more queasy or loathing. Furthermore, their esophagus will become sickened, getting more cough, moreover having vomit. And you have to know that the last phase mentioned – vomiting – is the worst phase unfortunately.

That is why the sufferer always wants to tranquilize it by getting some medicine after trusted it from their doctors. But, have you known that the other resilient option is lies on consuming this following below drink to getting over it:

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1. Herb Tea
Hi, you can drink a cup of herb tea right now anyway. Why? Due to its function that factually, the kind of herb tea could give you a comfy feeling and soothe the queasy feeling. And the other important side that you have to remember is that unfortunately not all kind of herb tea we can consume. Please be wise to choose the herb tea that consists free of caffeine such as the chamomile tea or the licorice.

2. A Low Fat Milk or Skim Milk

The cow milk in general is often unsuggested to be consumed for the sufferer of stomach acid. This is because that the cow milk is consists of the high fat makes it become tricky to be digested. Besides it, the materials of fat in this kind of milk that produces from cow is something that can soften the valve of esophagus and further could open a path for the stomach acid surge to the throat.

3. Juice
Some kinds of fruit, like orange, pineapple, and apple are very not recommended to digest for the sufferer of stomach acid disease. It is undebatable due to the content of acid that those kinds fruit have which further could affect your stomach acid surge even more.

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4. Drinkable Water
Be more routine to drink some glass of water is one of a wise choice to prevent the stomach acid disease back or even disturb your days. But however, you have to stay in carefulness when drinking the drinkable water, due to the power of hydrogen (pH) that tends to be neutral, means that it will not seems impossible for the drinkable water could enhance the power of water (pH) in each food that you consume. While, it is better for you to give a limit while drinking it.

5. Coconut Water
The coconut water is kind of drink that very good to consume for the sufferer of the stomach acid disease. It is because that the coconut water is having potassium that useful in keeping the balance of the power of hydrogen (pH) in human body.

By: Dyah Purbo Arum Larasati

Editor: Lila

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