Attention Please, These Are Some Recommended Korean Drama Films That Brings You To The Highest Addiction

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Attention Please, These Are Some Recommended Korean Drama Films That Brings You To The Highest Addiction


Watching movie is one of entertaining activities that commonly does in spend your holiday. It will be even much more entertaining if we could do this one activity together with our beloved families, even siblings, friends, and or our life partner; such as husband. Though, there are many recommended Korean movies actually, started from those which full of romanticism substance, or even more actions, including the horror ones.

Hmm ya, even we knows that generally the best romantic movies in Netflix mostly produced from West, or here is means come from Hollywood, but however the romantic–recommended movies from Korea also stay attractive to watch in the long holiday or even just in your weekend.

So, what ours’ recommendation Korean movie to you at this moment? Take a look below, yak !

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Move to Heaven
Who does not know the Move to Heaven Korean drama movie? A typically sad Korean drama movie that recently released! Even more, some people said that when they watch the first episode published on May 2021 in the Netflix streaming service was already getting sunk in its movie plot – full of tears and compassion!

Move to Heaven is Korean movie that supported by some remarkable actress such as Tang Jun Sang and Lee Je Hoon. Move to Heaven movie is talking about Han Geu Ru and its father, Han Jeong U who sold their service as the cleaning service of people’s venues who have died, such as their stuffs in house or in any room of those died people.

Unexpectedly, in the first episode, the father of Geu Ru was died due to a disease that he bore of, till it force her to live together with her uncle. With her uncle and Na Mu, Geu Ru continues her task of cleaning the people’s venues who have died, and then conveying any message of those people to their families or their relatives. Hmm, could you imagine this movie so far, the plots and the message? I bet you could, then have been crying for this right now.

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Birthcare Center
Birthcare Center is one of Korean drama film that published in 2020 with its total episode is quite concise, exactly just eight episodes!

Birthcare Center was propelled by actress like Uhm Ji won who had role as Oh Hyun Jin. In its film, it told us that Oh Hyun Jin is a young succeed executive in his company.
Birthcare Center described Oh Hyun Jin who born a baby and lives in a hospital right after she born her child. Oh Hyun Jin was an oldest woman live in that hospital.

The sadness part of this drama was emerged when we knows that Oh Hyun Jin as a great woman in her career but cannot be able so far to nurture her child. She was confused indeed, till made her always be helped by some patients there in order to recharge and replenish her physic condition including her mental right after she born her baby.

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