Do You Believe in Ghost? Are You Dared To Call Them? Check These Tips Below To Examine Your Bravery!

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Do You Believe in Ghost? Are You Dared To Call Them? Check These Tips Below To Examine Your Bravery!


It is believed commonly, that people who have died abnormally, such as those who died because be killed by somebody or any group; or those who died because of any natural incidents like tsunami, extreme flood etcetera that basically truly abnormal to have by any other people who just died because of their fits times – for sure those souls who died abnormally would haunt people arounds, including daunting their families, their friends, their neighbors, or even the killer of themselves who need to pay it off, and further the ghost itself would do something like a revenge and vengeance.

It is usually trusted among our public where they (our people) often feels inadequate to hear the story of the ghost. They want something bigger and the more obvious as a proof if the ghost itself is really exist and stands in this world. They also tend to feed their curiosity to dig the truth of the existence of the ghost itself around them.

By such kind of curiosity, they would do everything to make their heart and logical–sounds thought believed that the ghost is really exists. For it too they will sacrifice anything in order to see the ghost, like calling them, befriend with them, moreover turning some sacred places to be an extreme game, just in case force to the ghost to show themselves off in front.

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So today guys, I have enclosed some steps or such kind of tips and tricks to call the souls of people who died around you. Are you ready to have a face to face then? Haha, if not, please do not do such a fool steps even your curiosity is surged enough now.

You can keep in mind however, that curiosity killed the cat!

1. Dry Bones

In a game called Dry Bones actually you just need to prepare a bathroom that has a mirror, a candle, and also a box of match. Keep ensuring that all the windows in your house or around the bathroom itself are closed, and then after that you can turn off all the lamps around you, all the lights must turned off, you know such as: lamps over your head, television, even computer or laptop, including your smartphone.

And then, at 00.01 am, please bring a candle that you have turned on firstly to the bathroom and look at the mirror while your lips say: “I aware of your attendance and fully greeting you to come to my house.” Then, you can take a run to the biggest room in your house, and hiding there till the clock shown at 03.00 am. During the hiding act itself, please do not take any noisy movement, for the ghost cannot be able to find you.
But, in case if the ghost easily find you, it is mean that the consequence must you paid off.

Exactly whoever that become lose in this game must be ready if getting lost in mind, or even dead miserably. But, instead if you win in this game or means that the ghost cannot be able finding you, hats off! Here is means that you are the winner and will get a prize you wanted for in the upcoming morning.

But please, before the morning comes, do not forget to evict him away, and says: “Thank you for having a game together with me. You are very welcome to go now, and I am not greeting you more.”

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2. Closet Game

Basically this game is quite deadly while the game itself you know is origins from Korea. Yashh, this game one is a kind of the condition where you do not just trying to call the ghost around you to come, but also you yourself will trying to make a path to go to the another world!

The steps to play this game exactly is, first, try to find a high building which has at least ten floors within it. And then, at a very calm–quiet night when you play this game, please fin a lift and go enter into. When you arrive at the inside of the lift, please go to the each of these floors gradually: 4–2–6–2–10–5. Then, when you have arrived at the fifth floor, you will meet a woman, but please remember that she is no longer a human, and keep in mind also that you should not invite her to talk together with you, or even please never seeing at her.

And then, you can press the number in the lift again, press at the number one. Please go to the first floor. Rather than the lift bringing you to the fifth floor, it will bring you to the tenth floor, here is mean you are succeed! You are success now to go to the other world!
And when this is happened, usually you will step your feet on this tenth floor, while in the same time a woman beside you will ask you too, “Where you wanna go?” Keep remember, never reply her question! Just neglect her away, or you will be trapped in this second world forever.

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3. Baby Blue

Baby blue exactly is a kind of extreme game when you are trying to call a kind of ghost that trapped in a baby’s body. The first step to starting this game is, you could go to the bathroom, and then in the situation around that the lamp is turned off, try to look at the mirror and turn your hand to a position like if you have a baby on your hands.

Like you are now carrying a baby, while then you can say: “Baby blue.” for thirteen times. If you can feel something stay on your arms or hands, it means you are success doing this game.

Well, are you really brave to try one of these aforementioned above games? I bet there is still left a pile of fear within your heart. It is okay, I am on your side anyway. Me? I would never quite brave to be honest to try even one of these. I do not know if it is you. Just be wise before deciding or trying something new, okay?! (Dyah)

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