The Legend Of Jurig Jarian , One Of Terrifying Ghosts In Pasundan

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The Legend Of Jurig Jarian , One Of Terrifying Ghosts In Pasundan


Jurig means ghost, while jarian itself means trash. This ghost one has been believed as one of many terrifying ghosts who inhabits the places where there are many trash in, especially where the places itself are scattered in the civilians areas. The shape or the appearance of this ghost itself has not been known perfectly. Exactly, it is still becomes a debate and mystery among many Java civilians.

Well, we have known that our country Indonesia itself has been famous for the warehouse of many creepy stories, many terrifying urban folklores, et cetera. Some of those ghosts even have been some popular names in the mind of our civils, such as Gendoruwo ghost that believed always comes from Java Island, or yeah you can name Leak ghost from Bali province.

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Yes, you are true, exactly those kinds of ghost has not utterly unfamiliar within our thoughts. But you know, at this moment, we would like to introduce you to someone new or sounds the name is not quite familiar enough in your mind. That is the jurig jarian ghost!

This ghost one was believed comes from Sunda Island. Even though this ghost has been been well–known in many Indonesian, but if you ask it to the Sundanese people, they will surely will nod their heads, and in the same time will tell you the whole stories of this ghost one that often they use to frighten their children if they want not to go to hit the sack, hahaha.

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Or yeah, if they always do some bad attitudes towards their parents, the will surely will be frightened up. But yes, some parents else will even relieved to tell this story to their children in order to frighten them due to the disease terror that might bring by this ghost itself.

But yeah, still, the exact appearance of this Jurig jurian ghost has not been known so well due to that factually there are people seldom to meet this ghost directly.

Moreover, some of Sundanese people would say that this ghost’s appearance would appear like a child whose their head is hairless or yeah ball–headed, like you may know tuyul?

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Yes, tuyul is also kind of renowned–Indonesian ghost whose their heads are ball–headed too and loves to steal money in banks or people who save lots of money in their own house. But yeah, beside of that Jurig jurian deemed similar with tuyul, there are still Sundanese people who would say this ghost in another version, such as a kind of died woman whose has a dirty–long hair, often bring a bad smell, and very creepy indeed. While some others else tends to direct this ghost as a kind of a grandmother whose has a curly hair.

You know guys, that basically jurig jarian ghost itself commonly mentioned will come to those dirty places or just say the place where has many scattered trash in the afternoon or yeah when the sky almost changed to twilight. And the scattered myths just say that this ghost only loves to find their lovely targets, those are just the pregnant women and the children.

Hohoho, so… be carefull, guys! (Dyah)

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