Have You Known The Advantages Of The Peels Of These Vegetables?

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Have You Known The Advantages Of The Peels Of These Vegetables?


Vegetables is kind of food that contain many useful vitamins, minerals, and fibers that really good for our body and health. Consuming vegetables is profoundly worthwhile for the fits of our health of mind too.

There are many vegetables which on the peels are containing many nutrients and vitamins. Below you can check the list of the vegetables peels, which in the same time you could ponder to eat for next lunch or dinner!


You know guys, carrot is kind of vegetables that really loved to be juiced or just to be turned to something wonderful cakes, food et cetera. But have you also known that this vegetable one contain polycetylenes , which is has anti–bacteria/fungi substance, also this substance is such of anti–inflammation. That is why the peel of carrot is often recommended to be consumed without peel it previously. Have you ever tried it so far? Consuming carrot without its peel ummm is quiet good though! (
The potato that has been peeled has a substance of potassium that very useful and worthwhile though for keeping your kidney healthy, including your heart, nerves system, and also your muscles. The other substance that contained within potato is fibers that can make your stomach full in the exactly close time and endure its condition in some head time after. While in the same time, the fiber itself also could make your digestion becomes smooth or fluent. And the other good news is, by consuming potato which has many Vitamin C within it could make your body immunity finds its best.

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The peel of cucumber however is good for your health due to its Vitamin K within itself that can proper and trigger the production of many particular proteins that really needed by your bone to stays strong and solid. Moreover, beside its Vitamin K, the peel of cucumber also contains the high beta karoten that really goodly again for keeping your eye healthy, and stay focused on seeing anything in this world. However, keeping your eyes is a great caution today due to the contact of us towards many technologies which has screen and radiation within it. Additionally, the beta karoten itself also needed by the our body immunity system in order to battle against the virus, or any bacteria, and also the basil that often lead us to any usual or even severe disease.


The peel of garlic is very worthwhile to be consumed today, which is actually that the peel of garlic has quite anti–oxide. Thus, if you peel off the garlic, you will lose the source of the anti–oxide within it.

So good people, have you ever tried to consume the peel of one of many vegetables above? Or all the peels above have been consumed by you far from this article get uploaded? Then, what are your current thought about the taste of each one of these vegetables?

Share it kindly below, please! :)

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