Install These 5 Applications When You Go Abroad

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Install These 5 Applications When You Go Abroad


Long centuries ago, if we want to go abroad, whether to go to Europe, Africa, America, or any other continents in the world especially outside of Indonesia territories, we just could leaned on some information on some maps, or yeah just any bits information from tour guide, or that compiled from media, or though it from the grapevine.

But fortunately, in this modern era, the existence of smartphone among us has been becoming the best and yet very super effective choice to help our many voyages.

At this moment, there are many travelling applications that you could be used and learned to help you in order to go to abroad, or yeah just having fun outside of the territories of Indonesia. By these applications too we can collect and gain many valuable information that related to travelling stuff, example like: any recommendation regarding what are the marvelous culinary places we can joined in, or yeah any photo spots for you who loves taking photos, even some other stuff like: just a simple way direction and yes there are still many information we could access and find out in these applications.

Do not you want to check it soon, and then just install it on your smartphone? You know, your smartphone has been smart, the owner must be though!

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Google Translate

This application one is very precious to be installed in your smartphone though, because when we get stumble over any difficulty that we may face in the countries we visited, this application will happily show us the right path to answer and handle it.

Precisely, the existence of Google Translate could become one of our solution and beloved friend in a bid to communicate with others. Moreover, the feature within it such as the voice could also lead us to the relief if we get such a confusion to pronounce even to sound it.

Google Maps

This application one has been getting so popular among us. No one I bet here do not know what the functions of this application, do you?

Yeah, this application helps us in order to get and find any place we want to visit, also it much helping us when directly show which one the right path we must to follow, where the shortest route we must get in so the time we spent will be used effectively and efficient.

Moreover, within this application we can be shown by the smart side else of this application, such as: we could easily know where the culinary places, or hotel, or yeah any tour place we can visit, et cetera.

Safe Travel

This application one has been released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, which contains many info intended for Indonesian who are currently reside in countries abroad. So you can use it whenever you are in emergency situation or just needing a help.


It is very important to use if you want to count your money, so yeah you can converse example from Rupiah to other currencies.

Google Trips

If you are currently want to plan any tour or voyage abroad, getting some best recommendation such as best places to visit, the food stuff, or yeah you can set all your schedule here though this application.

This one will help us a lot to save many list of tour places we will visit, moreover giving us any recommendation place, either food, route, or review any stuff around our area. (Dyah)

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