A Creepy Story of the Atoom Cinema

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A Creepy Story of the Atoom Cinema


Every place in the world has its own inhabitants, beside human. I mean the inhabitants itself here are those who live in the second world and had died for several reasons.

Yeah, you can name it as ghost or spook. Generally we all know it perfectly that ghost commonly loves to inhabit in kinds of place that quite or really dirty, seldom or never get any sunshine, and untouched by the lives of human as usual. This is the point that basically should not make us the human feels so wonder that here in Indonesia as example we still have many mystery or yeah such creepy stories.

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The abundant of those creepy stories itself has been prospered by many empty building that we can find easily even closes to us, in our own region. Thus, these empty buildings could become the very favourite spots for those spooks to live in and having birth continuously. I am not really sure personally if spook could have birth or getting evolved time by time, but several people here in Indonesia believes that could happen anyway. And moreover, they trust that such kind of those mysteries could happen even in our nearest unexpected places.

Like this building one, you know guys it is located in the region of Citereup, Bogor city, Indonesia. There, it still has save many mysteries that quite tricky to solve. Example you know like an appearance of a woman whose has her back getting many holes and saved hundreds of worm even larva. Here in Indonesia, this kind of ghost called sundel bolong. Bolong itself refers to the hole. Utterly the atmosphere of this building looks so miserable and undoubtedly very dibbling (dibble). The sundel bolong itself often mentioned loves to sit in one of many seats in the cinema.

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The History of the Atoom Cinema

The Atoom Cinema itself had getting untouched and more depraved since 1998. The whole building including the parts inside it were also untouched and never be touched anymore even by the owner or any institution or government there. The underlined and important to highlighted here is that since the cinema had been stop to operate, those creepy stories started to emerge, including the appearance of any other much kinds of ghosts, like Holland women who tends to walk around the building at night, also the tuyul.

Tuyul in Indonesia is kind of spook whose has appearance as child but only wearing underpants and they have no hair or yeah you can say it as bald–headed, and yes including the ghost we have mentioned previously: sundel bolong.

With the various appearances of those ghosts, they also tend to show themselves off and trying to communicate with anybody who can hear their callings. And based the acknowledgement from the civils around, this place has been become a proving place for human who are still asking that ghost itself is exists. The civils there also ever mentioned, long years ago there was a young woman who ever tried to kill her fetus in this cinema and the creepiest else was: she put her petus under one of the seat inside this cinema. But later, the woman itself had been founded died after facing a severe bleeding. (Dyah)

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