Consuming Green Tea will Helps You Lose Weight

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Consuming Green Tea will Helps You Lose Weight


You know it guys, that matcha or well-known as green tea is kind of tea that made from camellia leaves. And yeah, it must undergo some heating and tis process in order to prevent any oxidation. Matcha or this green tea itself often consumes in any tea ceremonies which are spiritually nuanced. However, the popularity of matcha itself has been getting surged in any region worldwide to be drunk, or yeah even to turn to be any food and snacks.

And for sure, range from children to adults will fall in love to any kind of dish, food, even beverage made uniquely from matcha. That is why today we often find people tends to combine matcha with any kinds of pretty–loving cakes, fresh drink which sell it then on public streets, et cetera.

Surprisingly, because of its popularity, today we also not seldom and not tricky when finding people who tends to change their previous favorite drink such as coffee to matcha or yeah green tea.

High Anti–oxidant

Matcha or green tea is one of materials to make drink or anything (but usually and often to turn to be drink) which basically contains high anti–oxidant, especially the variety of katekin. Katekin itself is kind of substance which can battle against the inflammation if any of it happens in your body. Moreover, this substance one even can nurture the health of our blood arteries. and support the reparation of our body cells.

The strongest katekin one in matcha was named epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This anti- oxidant one even could nurture our healthy cells within body itself and prevent the body from any severe –chronic diseases.

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Lose Your Weight 

Matcha has low calorie, but it has high anti–oxidant. That is why it can decrease the reaction of inflammation in our body. Besides it, matcha also has such an ability to quicken the metabolism acts to elevate the heating of fat up to 17% on people who semi–active in doing such exercise or even doing the light exercise ones. But have you known guys, that actually if you want your weight lost, please do not consume the matcha in either sweet food or sweet drinks.

Enhancing Our Concentration and the Memory Capability

Match also contains the L–Theanine, it is kind of amino acid that uniquely could help our body to relax and prevent the stress to come. Moreover, the high amount of L–Theanine within matcha is trusted could help us to focus on doing daily activities after consuming it.

Boosting Our Energy Better than Coffee

Matcha is also useful to add our energy even better and longer than coffee. When we drink a cup of matcha or a cup of green tea, our body will takes time longer to absorb its substance, but the energy which can be found in the end–result was more lasting than when we drink a cup of coffee.

Vanishing Our Mouth’s Bad Smells

Matcha also contains many substances of green leaves or well–known as klorofil. The klorofil itself can be very useful to diminish or even to clear the toxic which trapped in our body, including in heart, blood, even the digestion channels.

Makes You Younger Facially

The substance of katekin in matcha also useful to prevents the free radical. The free radical itself often wants to demolish your body cells. That is why that studies said, katekin could prevent our face to become older than its real age, evenit could prevent us from having cardiovascular disease and also cancer. (Dyah)

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