Exploring History in Accompany the Beautiful Pendem Fort Building

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Exploring History in Accompany the Beautiful Pendem Fort Building
Exploring History in Accompany the Beautiful Pendem Fort Building/ Pinterest


Central Java is an area that is famous for its culture and exciting tourist attractions to visit. Tourist attractions in Central Java are not ordinary tourist attractions because they always have a history in them. One of the tourist attractions that have a long history is Pendem Fort.

This Benteng pendem fort is located on Jl. Fort, Sentolokawat, Cilacap, Central Java. The building in the Pendem fort has an interesting history to learn. This Pendem Fort is one of the Dutch heritage forts on the coast of Turtle Bay which was built in 1861. In ancient times, this building was used as a Dutch East Indies defense headquarters in Bandung for 18 years. This tourist spot is called the Pendem fort because the building is covered with soil. In Javanese, the Bukit pendem means being underground or buried.

The buildings and rooms are still sturdy and many photo spots make the place an attraction for tourists to come. The room consists of barracks, meeting rooms, fortifications, and many other rooms. There are many stories from the community that one of the rooms in the fort contains a secret underwater tunnel to the cave in Nusakambangan.

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The route to get to this pendem fort is very easy because it is close to the Ambarawa Railway Museum. For those of you who want to come to this place, you can go through 2 routes, namely the alternative road through the Ambarawa Hospital or the entrance to the Ambarawa prison. You can see the Pendem Fort building which is on the left.

The costs needed to come to this place are very affordable including:

-Car parking Rp. 5,000

- Motorcycle parking Rp. 2,000

- HTM 1 adult Rp. 5,000

The facilities at this Pendem Fort include:

- Parking area

- Mosque

- Toilet

- Children's play area

- Water bike rides (NL)

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