Staying Overnight At Acala Ayu While Enjoying The Beautiful Scenery Of Mbluluk Beach Of Gunungkidul

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Staying Overnight At Acala Ayu While Enjoying The Beautiful Scenery Of Mbluluk Beach Of Gunungkidul
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Have you known, that Yogyakarta actually is one of greatest place to live and reside in that located in Central Java, Indonesia? Yapz, this one region or this city is known as its marvelous yet breathtaking colors range from culture, culinary, to the heritage places and also its touring places. And have you known too, that basically one of the favourite places that tourist outside loves to stay in is beach, indeed!

Well, if you are those who likes to enjoy the pretty sky of the beach of everywhere beach in the world, perhaps having a visit to this beach one located in Yogyakarta city never hurt or even betray you, I promise. This beach one is full of its beauty, its natural acceptance, and yet so miserable if you have to be missed of. One of the pretty beaches to get calm your mind is resided at Gunungkidul which so far this region has so many pretty yet breathtaking white sands surrounds, one of them is Mbluluk beach, located between the Baron beach and the Kukup beach.

Guys, if you are currently stays in Baron beach, you must take a look that actually before you get into the entrance of Kukup beach there will be a track on the right side toward Mbluluk beach, please do not worry because basically all the tracks have not been asphalted, so yeah it is still be covered by some materials such as yet sands or stones.

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But if you are a typically person that loves everything that related to the original stuffs, a little bit of conventional things, or something unique matters in the past, you can enjoy these sceneries all in free. And yes, if you want, you are always welcomed to have a residence there in a homestay named “Acala Ayu”. This homestay one is very unique due to the materials who propped this building made by woods and also its location where is in the above of a steep karst hill, likewise you and your families even your partners will be having more challenging memories yet memorable to be remember ever in a lifetime. How come? Yes for sure, because when you once trying to open your bedroom’s door, you will always getting a look at many many abundantly pretty views of Mbluluk beach towards the east of Mesra beach and the Kukup beach. It will be a scarce moment in your life so far if you have to be missed this of.

Currently, did you know that Acala Ayu has six bedrooms that can be rented, consists of five ordinary bedrooms and one bedroom for a big family. Amongst those bedrooms, there are only three bedrooms that have each bathroom with its opened concept of style, but however it still holds its privacy even nurture your security, so do not worry. Well, can you imagine so far, it will be so fantastic to have a bathroom yet holds its opened room style towards the beautiful scenery, right? Because, you can hear many natural sounds, including the splashing water of the nearby beaches, the fresh of the waves’ flavors from far, indeed it will be your greatest journey ever!

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Oh yes, for sure, if you have any plan then to go and having some staying overnight there (in Acala Ayu), it only costs you Rp 400.000 for couple, and only Rp 800.000 for one family, surely this price is prevailed for the usual or common days, not so far prevailed for the holiday times, which is the price could be tagged around Rp 500.000–1.000.000.

But you may note it that the price actually is equal to all the advantages that you will get over here, because every facilities will be served over here, such as: WiFi, swimming pool area, breakfast; you will be served by a yummy Gandul Rice as the main character of Gunungkidul, and also dinner, and toiletries stuff. Hei hei, then what are you waiting for, just book away through this WhatsApp: +6281229329633, number or find us on Instagram “Acala Ayu”.
Have a fabulous holiday! (Dyah)

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