Recognizing The Uniqeness Of The Cultural House Of Joglo

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Recognizing The Uniqeness Of The Cultural House Of Joglo


The cultural house of Joglo is one of many cultural houses of Javanese that becomes a values and the unique culture in Indonesia, yet it is obviously known from its traditional shape, the structure, and the interior including the exterior decoration that has many various arts.

Basically, the traditional Java house consists of two part, those are the prime house and its additional house. The prime house one is consists of mansion, peringgitan, emperan, omah dalem, senthong–kiwa, senthong tengah, and gandhok.

The Joglo house has some types, there are like Joglo Ceblokan, Joglo Kepuhan Limolasan, Joglo Lambang Sari, Joglo Kepuhan Lawakan, Joglo Kepuhan Awitan, Joglo Wantah Apitan, Joglo Limasan Lawakan, and many more.

It is better for us to nurture these kinds of Joglo varies as it becomes our values particularly as the Javanese people shown based its two part of the house itself, that are exactly the exterior and the interior one.

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Have you known what exactly the shapes like for the Joglo house part inside and outside, as it has been explained yet aforementioned above? Yeah, you can put your focus below:

The mansion: this one is placed in the front part of the Joglo house, which is so far the functions are to greeting the guest of its owner’s house, or also to hold a formal meeting, including any cultural ceremonies, even various arts performances.

Peringgitan: this part is functioned as the connector between the mansion of the house and the prime house, which the function is used to play the traditional Javenese puppets.

Emperan: this one is the front porch which functioned as the connector of peringgitan and omah, and it is used for an enjoyable room to stay like maybe you can have a family gathering here, then laugh a lot while diminishing you life’s burden, upss hehe.

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Omah: this part is the main part as simultaneously the interior part of Joglo house. It is used for the rest room of the owner house.

Omah dalem: this one is kind of closed room in the interior part of omah, which is so far it also divided to three parts, those are; the front, the middle, and the back room.

Senthong: it is placed in the part of the interior side that has three rooms basically.

Gandhok: this one is the additional building that commonly placed in the left side of the Joglo house.

The back part of Joglo house part: this part one consists of a kitchen, bathroom, and a well. The well one is usually placed in the east side

So good people, are you interested to visit a Joglo house as a kind of traditional house of Javanese people in Indonesia? Or perhaps so far you would like to build a house based the style of this Joglo house with put a bit of traditional Javenese arts in the inside and the outside itself? Whatever your choice ahead, just keep shining your world by arts, beauty, and acceptance.

Have a great day! (Dyah)

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