The Kasongan Village And Its Devotion Towards Pottery

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The Kasongan Village And Its Devotion Towards Pottery


Do you know? That actually, a plain village in Indonesia, exactly it is located in Yogyakarta city is one of villages that become the renowned producer of many beautiful yet breathtaking potteries! That is why, that the well–known villages in Indonesia which produce pottery often chosen as the good destinations to have touring in, either that is a term deemed by the local or domestic visitors, or even by the public from any foreign countries, it is true.

This is included here is Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta basically has been loved by many visitors, range from the ordinary public in general to artist in specific. Kasongan village is also often deemed saving a full of joy, due to its special yet historical stuffs we can find there.

Kasongan village also become a destination that actually is quite cost legs and arms to be stayed in, especially for its potteries that produced by the intensity of devotion and dedication, makes its price getting surged than the other or the usual potteries in other villages.

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If you fall in love on arts and the abundant values of culture, it does not mind right to make a plan to go to the Kasongan village!

Anyway the location is however reachable to discover, just in case you can go to the Kasihan region, or here is same as Bantul region.

One thing you could keep in mind is, that here is commonly a statue will be searched by visitors to buy, named Loro Blonyo. This statue one is shaped like a couple of brides, which often believed could give luck to its owner if you put it in your house.

There, you as the visitor could also learn to make the pottery by yourself. You will be taught by the owner of the store there tenderly, and make any kind of pottery shape based your own desire. Is it not that wonderful journey to try?

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Hmm , what if you know that basically this village has been known worldwide? That is why you will easily find any citizen that comes from various foreign countries here. They all are trying to make the pottery by themselves happily. Then, by a pure smile on their face, they will feel over–pride to bring the pottery when they back to their homeland. They deemed it as something wonderful yet memorable experience to be remembered in a lifetime.

Anyway, as a useful–additional information, please to do not miss the rare opportunity in tasting a great chicken in this Kasongan village though. The food itself named Ayam Cemplung, due to the fact that this kind of chicken is directly caught by the civils of the Kasongan village itself, so you can ensure that there is so many chickens surround you.

Ah ya , if you think that the Kasongan village is far from the heart of the big city, hmm you could be wrong indeed. In fact, it is obviously near to the center of the city, just in case around 8 kilometers or approximately 1 hour if you want to go to the city center. (Dyah)

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